Alfa Romeo Museum

A trip to Europe (in particular Milan, Italy) wouldn't be complete without visiting the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese (just outside Milan). The museum was originally a factory, but has been converted into an interactive museum, with, as well as many of Alfa Romeo's cars, videos on Alfa's history, details on some of their drivers (e.g. Fangio - although Enzo Ferrari was missing), and a 4-D movie cinema, trattoria (cafe), car sales area and souvenir shop to complete the visit to the museum. 4-D is an interactive theatre - as well as the 3-D visuals, the seats all move in all directions, plus air and water sprays to involve you in the scene on the screen.

The museum contains cars - from when the company started as A.L.F.A. through to recent models, many of their race cars (including some from Scuderia Ferrari when it was one of Alfa Romeo's race teams) to aircraft engines designed and built by Alfa Romeo.

Museo Storico Alfa Romeo

Unlike most museums, the Alfa Romeo factory allows full access to the vehicles - they ae not roped off, in cases, or access restricted in any way. You can walk up to and around all the vehicles, and even touch them.

Many of the vehicles on display are prototypes - 1 off vehicles built for car shows over the years, some based on existing cars, others used as a basis for future models, and yet others to demonstrate the vision of Alfa Romeo's designers. The earliest prototype being from 1913, right up to recent designs (the most recent being the 4C used to set the lap record on the Nurburgring - the 4C staring life as a prototype, and then developed as a production car.)

The Alfa Museum web site has descriptions of many of the vehicles on display there. Several of Alfa Romeo's recent concept cars are described here.